Plans to fit your needs

Locations are geographic areas where you are tracking rainfall. Each plan has a limited number of locations you can track at a time. You can change locations at any time, but you will only be able to track the number that are in your plan, and those currently active will be the only ones included in notifications.

Plan Locations Included Cost per month
Raindrop 1 Free for 30 days
Sprinkle 5 $5
Shower 10 $9
Drencher 15 $13
Custom 10 or more, Endless possibilities $1 per location

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Please give us an opportunity to speak with you if none of these plans will work for your needs. We will be happy to try to work something out for your organization.


All plans are auto-charged to your credit card each month on the 1st of the month, except the Raindrop. Because the Raindrop Plan is so inexpensive, we do require annual billing for that plan only.

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